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Boujailles - Église Saint-Maurice

Boujailles - Église Saint-Maurice

Eglise de Boujailles - Pmau/CommonsEglise de Boujailles - Pmau/CommonsEglise de Boujailles - PePeEfe/Commons


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Built between 1844 and 1849 with the plans of the architect César Auguste Pompée, replacing a primitive church that had become too small. Saint Maurice church was consecrated in 1872 by Cardinal Matthieu, bishop of the diocese of Besançon.
The building, in neo-Gothic style, is particularly imposing with its two towers semi-detached from the facade housing the bells. Each tower is topped by a roof with a polygonal spire as well as four pinnacles. Outside, powerful buttresses, on which flying buttresses rest, help to emphasize the massive appearance of this church, surprising in this small village.
The very vast interior is lit by stained glass windows in each of the aisle bays, in the upper parts of the nave and in the choir. A five-bay nave adjoined by 2 side aisles, a projecting transept and a choir make up this building. Engaged columns with capitals separate it from the aisles. The whole thing is covered by ribbed vaults reaching a height of 16 meters!
The main altar and the side altarpieces are in the neo-Gothic style and were made in the 19th century (1872) like most of the furniture, sculptures and paintings. However, we can note the presence of 18th century elements from the old church: two stone fonts, all the faithful’s benches in fir, a statuette of the Virgin and Child, two paintings (the donation of the Rosary and the donation of the scapular).
The Saint-Maurice church and its furnishings are classified as historic monuments.

GPS : 46,739577 / 6,230343