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Remoray-Boujeons - Église de la Nativité-de-Notre-Dame

Remoray-Boujeons - Église de la Nativité-de-Notre-Dame
Eglise de Boujeons - Pmau / CommonsEglise de Boujeons - Pmau/Commons

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Located in the middle of the cemetery, Boujeons church is a small church whose bell tower-porch, covered with a red metal talevanne, blazes in the sun while the glazed tiles of its imperial roof sparkle. Largely rebuilt in the 19th century (the bell tower in 1810 and the nave in 1843) it has preserved almost nothing of the original 17th century building.
The bell tower-porch opens onto a single nave separated from the liturgical choir by a pre-choir bay. The choir has a cul-de-four vault, the front choir is covered by a groined vault and the nave by a ceiling. The whole is lit by eight stained glass windows: two with geometric motifs illuminate the front choir and among the six which illuminate the nave, only two represent characters, one with Saint Joseph and the other with the Virgin. The decor is modest and the absence of furniture gives this small building a bare appearance. Here there is no altarpiece covered in gilding, no twisted columns or theatrical decor, no pulpits to preach to the sculpted panels…, apart from a few statues the church is bare.
Among the statues, the presence of a Virgin and Child, probably from the 17th century, should be highlighted. This seated Virgin holding a laughing Child Jesus on her knees reflects more the image of the happiness of the young mother with her child than that of the mother of a child-god.
The Nativity of the Virgin is the name of the church, but it is also the subject of the painting which is today in the choir after having been above the entrance door. It is undoubtedly a work from the end of the 18th century, inspired by apocryphal sources such as the Protevangelium of James and the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew.

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