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Saint-Point-Lac - Église Saint-Point

Saint-Point-Lac - Église Saint-Point
Eglise de Saint-Point-Lac
Eglise de Saint-Point-Lac - Commons

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Survival, according to legend, of the hermitage of Saint-Point built in the 6th century on the banks of the lake of the same name, or consequence of the creation of the abbey of Mont-Saint-Marie, in 1199, or again, foundation by the monks of Romainmôtiers (Switzerland) in 1126, the small priory of Saint-Point would have been well established in the 12th century, which also corresponds to the dating of the oldest parts of the church, even if Saint-Point only really appears in the texts in the 13th century. First relay of the monastery of Romainmôtier, it became a vicariate in 1454 and it was established as a parish in 1777.
Placed under the name of Saint Point, it is a small building located inside the cemetery enclosure.
The bell tower-porch, covered by an imperial roof, precedes a single nave with 3 bays and a choir with a flat apse. A gallery opening onto the nave has been built on the first floor of the bell tower.
The nave is the oldest element of the building (late 12th century). The choir was rebuilt from 1504 to 1508 after the fire of the original choir. Two side chapels forming a transept were erected in 1480. The chapel on the right has preserved a washbasin from the 15th century.The nave is covered by a broken barrel vault resting on double arches which rest on thick walls reinforced by buttresses and pierced with bays. The choir and side chapels have ribbed vaults.
A sacristy adjoining the choir was built in the 18th century and the architect Pompée restored the facade in a neo-classical style. Figurative stained glass windows made in 1930 according to designs by glass painter Albert Gerrer in Mulhouse, occupy the two large bays of the choir; they represent The flight into Egypt of he Holy Family on one side, Saint Point in prayer at the feet of the cross on the other.
The tombstones preserved in the church evoke the life of the dead, this path which led, it is said, from the abbey of Mont-Sainte-Marie to the priory of Saint-Point, where those the abbey could not accommodate would take on that path to rest. The Saint-Point church has been included on the list of historic monuments since July 28, 2004.

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