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Mouthe - Église de l'Assomption

Mouthe - Église de l'Assomption
Eglise de Mouthe - Pmau / Commons
Eglise de Mouthe - Pmau / Commons


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In 1077, Simon, count in Valois, retired to the abbey of Saint-Claude (Jura), then with a few companions near the source of the Doubs, in Mouthe, where he is said to have built a chapel; but the first mention of the church of Mouthe only dates back from 1120. This church, placed under the name of the Assumption, was remodeled several times: enlarged around 1400, restored and partly rebuilt after the fires of 1479 and 1639.
The current church was built from 1732 to 1742 to the plans of the architect Jean-Pierre Gazelot from Besançon. The plan is simple and classic: a square bell tower-porch covered by an imperial roof opens onto a nave with two aisles and onto a choir; the whole is covered by a groined vault.
Columns separate the nave and the aisles which are lit by large stained glass windows. Outside, buttresses reinforce the building. But it is above all the different pieces of furniture (from the 18th century, in painted and gilded carved wood) which make this building interesting: the main altar-altarpiece whose painting represents the Assumption of the Virgin, the side altarpieces , the preaching pulpit, the baptismal font, the confessionals, the paintings and the statues.
Note that the carved wooden choir stalls (1543) come from the abbey of Mont-Sainte-Marie.

Text by Joël Guiraud

GPS : 46,710554 / 6,194237