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Longevilles-Mont-d'Or - Église Saint-Sylvestre

Longevilles-Mont-d'Or - Église Saint-Sylvestre

Eglise des Longevilles-Mont-d'Or - Commons

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The current church was built between 1860 and 1863 to replace the original church (15th century) which had become too small to accommodate all the inhabitants. Located inside the cemetery enclosure, it is an imposing building consisting of a porch bell tower opening onto a central nave with two aisles and a choir. The nave and side aisles are lit by large windows and the choir by a circular window. It is especially remarkable for the entire baroque main altar, its tabernacle in gilded wood, and its altarpiece of brown painted wood enhanced with gilding, foliage, scrolls, garlands, twisted columns which frame niches with statues (the Virgin and an apostle and two sculpted groups, the Baptism of Constantine and the Education of the Virgin) and support a canopy where a statue of God sits in the middle of clouds and cherubs… The whole is very theatrical and reminiscent of other altarpieces such as the one in Sainte Catherine church in les Hôpitaux-Neufs.
Note that the construction of this church benefited from a donation from Emperor Napoleon III and another from Jean Séraphin Lanquetin (1794-1869), a politician from Longevilles-Mont-D’Or, President of the Paris Municipal Council and deputy for the Seine.

GPS : 46,739577 / 6,230343