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Courvières - Église Saint-Hubert

Courvières - Église Saint-Hubert

Eglise de Courvières - Pmau/Commons


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The church of Courvières is attested from the 13th century but there was no building yet, the parishioners always had to go to Boujailles for services. It was not until 1486 that the construction of a chapel dedicated to Saint Hubert was authorized, but which nevertheless still remained vicarious and dependent on Boujailles.
The current church, in the imposing neo-Gothic style, was built from 1868 after the demolition of the old building, the bell tower, topped with a polygonal spire with a pinnacle at each corner, having been built from 1840. This church is an imposing ensemble which could accommodate all of the 400 inhabitants at the time. The bell tower opens onto a nave, two aisles, separated from the nave by columns, and a choir. The whole, covered by ribbed vaults, is lit by 13 stained-glass windows, 5 in each of the aisles and 3 very large in the choir. The walls of this one are covered with stalls and half-covered paneling. All of the furniture, stalls, paneling, confessionals, high altar, altarpieces and sculptures were made for the new church in the 19th century, in a strong neo-Gothic style. The preaching pulpit, in poor condition, was dismantled and only the tank was reused as the base of the high altar. The oldest element is a stone font dated 1723. Note the presence of 2 painted wooden sculptures, from the 19th century: a Virgin and Child and a holy character (bishop?), as well as a Christ in cross.

GPS : 46,739577 / 6,230343